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Episode 50

DIVORCE: Life coach for Stepmoms-Billie Jo

Published on: 3rd March, 2021

Billie Jo is a breath of fresh air and she is helping stepmoms all over the world.  Controlled Chaos Coaching.

"You think you know what you're doing. You can't love enough for both of us." We have to do the work and find our boundaries.

"Don’t let your fear keep you from sharing your child or children with others. Allow your kids the opportunity to be loved MORE. It is not Mom versus Dad, Stepmom versus Biomom, Dad versus Stepdad. It is a group of people who all have something fundamental in common, the love of a child."

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#divorce #divorcecoach #coparenting #coparentcoach #divorcesupport #divorceadvice #singleparenting #blendedfamilies #northstardivorce

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