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Episode 46

DIVORCE: Stepmom Coach-Tracy Poizner

Published on: 10th February, 2021

A note on this recording. When we say, “humans are not meant to have two mothers,” that is specifically about the role of one parent not taking over the role already filled. It is not meant to say anything about gender roles, same-sex parents, or anything of the like. I am 1000% about love is love is love. And never want a listener to feel anything other than support.

"Keep going. It's going to be okay." Humans are not wired to have two mothers. Tracy knows this intimately and her wisdom and experience are priceless. In this episode, Tracy shares with us her story and how she is helping so many find integrity, gratitude, and harmony in their blended family.

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#divorce #divorcecoach #coparenting #coparentcoach #divorcesupport #divorceadvice #singleparenting #blendedfamilies #northstardivorce

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